About Us

a fine jewelry brand.
handcrafted with only 14k solid gold.
proudly made in Istanbul.
heirloom jewelry.
we care for our artisans.
ethically sourced & sustainable jewelry.

su-da jewelry is a fine jewelry brand that is based in Belgium and proudly made in Istanbul by artisans who have been handcrafting gold for many years.

We both design and curate our su-da jewelry pieces with a careful eye that reflects not trends but stories and inspirations.

All su-da jewelry pieces are handcrafted with only 14k solid gold that is sourced ethically in Istanbul.

su-da jewelry tells a story of gold, craftsmanship, Istanbul and the all the other things that inspires our brand and
our jewelry pieces.

su-da jewelry is an heirloom jewelry brand that encourages the appreciation of lifetime quality of 14k solid gold.

By supporting su-da jewelry, you are not only supporting a small local brand but also supporting the community and the family-run businesses that does tremendous job from production to packaging of the goods.

su-da jewelry aims to deliver the best we can on sustainability from our jewelry pieces to the packaging of the goods.

Who makes your jewelry?

su-da jewelry works together with family-run businesses that are from Istanbul who have been handcrafting gold jewelry
for many years.

Whether it is curated or designed by su-da jewelry and made from scratch, all pieces of 14k solid gold jewelry comes from the experienced hands of artisans based in Istanbul.

All the curated pieces that come from these select-few family-run businesses are carefully reviewed by us and customised based on your needs.

All the designed pieces are made by the artisans either are from these family-run businesses or are self-employed, put their hardwork and craftsman into the pieces that are designed by us.

Community Impact

By supporting su-da jewelry, you are not only supporting a locally run small business, but also supporting an entire production chain that is made from Istanbul-based family-run businesses.

We are also supporting other businesses by going local. Our packaging, sea shell jewelry boxes are made in Izmir, Turkey, where they are locally sourced. Our storage boxes, are made in Istanbul by a family-run printing business. Lastly, our shipment boxes, are sourced in Belgium and made in Europe.